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The ultimate digital platform for publishing reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)


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Intuitive interface and modern user interaction concepts


Operates with MS-Windows and Android (soon Apple iOS). Synchronization of information between platforms.

Lexical and Semantic

Lexical and Semantic Knowledge Base Repository

Introducing LexSemantic

The ultimate digital platform for publishing reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.).
As a user, you enjoy an instrument not just as you would in a common dictionary, but for the acquisition of universal knowledge induced by the networks of semantic relations and integration between them.
Whether you are creating a dictionary or an encyclopedia or more complex knowledge bases, LexSemantic is the perfect platform to get the job done. Our platform allows you to easily establish relationships between entries and publish associated content quickly and accurately with a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. Contact us to publish your Reference Work.

Main Features

Its interface contains superior features, especially in relation to dictionary applications


Differentiated user experience adapted to semantic content.


Grouping synonyms related to a single concept leads to seamless word substitution in an essay.


Does not require internet connection.


Lists of entries created/imported by users, automatically synchronized between devices, and share them with other users.

Knowledge acquisition

Creation of a knowledge acquisition plan through semantic relations.


Integration with external sources (eg Wikipedia)

Introducing to WordnetPlus

WordNetPlus is an encyclopedic dictionary whose meanings have concise and accurate definitions, headed in a group of synonymous entries, as well as lexical (antonyms, derivations, phrasal verbs, etc.) and semantic relations (generalization and specialization between concepts among others).

Special Lists

During installation, Special Lists are added that can be imported from the Main Menu/List. See some of them.


About 3,000 words everyone should know for basic English.


More than 500 words for more proficient vocabulary.


Main edible vegetables.


List of entries whose concepts lead to interjections in the semantic relationship Narrow - Instance (e.g. disgust-> bah, faugh, pah)


The most complete "dictionary" containing around 1900 Phrasal Verbs for access to their definitions, examples and synonyms, in addition to their semantic relationships with other entries.


Leading scientists in various areas of knowledge.


Expressions used in legal circles (e.g. actus reus)


Entries that are linked to Lists on Wikipedia (e.g. aquarium -> List of aquaria on Wikipedia)

Interjections, Prefixes and Suffixes

It is also unique as a dictionary of interjections, prefixes and suffixes, as it semantically associates them with the concepts to which they apply. See examples:


Given the liturgical entry, one can obtain the interjections: Christ, alleluia, begorra, Bismillah, etc.


Given the entry bad, in the concept of: negative qualities, one can obtain the prefixes caco- (cacophony) and mis- (misdeed).


Given the entry ability, in the concept of: the quality of being able, one can obtain the suffixes -ability (informs the grammatical transformation adj->noun, eg available -> availability), -craft (housecraft) and - ship (musicianship).

Integration with Wikipedia

Its integration with Wikipedia, in more than 50,000 entries curated by manual disambiguation, makes WordnetPlus a taxonomic (hierarchical) index to this encyclopedia. Through semantic relationships, a plan for acquiring knowledge of specific topics, for example, of sedimentary rocks, can be established.

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